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cctc held '2016 annual award ceremony' | en-pg电子游戏网站

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        on the morning of august 10th 2017, “annual award ceremony” was held in cctc headquarters. attending the ceremony were cctc board chairman, president, senior executives, and the awardees.

        human resource manager zhong presided over the meeting. she gave the overall introductions to the 2016 annual awards declaration, the award-winning projects, and the name list of the awardees with their outstanding contributions. after that, cctc top management team presented honorary certificates to the 2016 outstanding staff and winners of the annual awards.

        representatives of the annual award honorees, mr.yu muhuai, mr.guoxu and mr. he runhong delivered their speeches at the ceremony.

        cctc president huang zhidong, expressed his warm congratulations to all the awardees.