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cctc held '2013 annual award ceremony' | en-pg电子游戏网站

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        on the afternoon of jul 25th, cctc ‘2013 annual award ceremony’ was held in the central conference room of the headquarters. the 2013 annual awards evaluation program gets the support from all management levels, as well as the enthusiastic response from all employees. the human resources department received totally 89 applying documents. after the impartial and rigorous evaluation by cctc professional evaluation groups, 32 awards were recognized, which include team awards and individual awards.  

        congratulating the newly awardees, president huang zhidong pointed out that the loyal and dedicated employees, diligent and innovative technical talents, personnel-oriented and overall co-ordination management are the main force to push cctc to step into a century-old enterprise. he also encouraged everyone to work for further progress, so as to achieve co-development for individual career and our company’s future.